Simplicity in Note Taking

View and annotate PDF documents

  • Annotate your PDF files with text, geometric shapes, highlight, underline and strike through
  • Insert images and add your handwritten notes with Apple Pencil
  • Make your notes colorful and create your own standard color palette
  • Created notes are listed in a file to quickly jump to the already edited pages
  • Organize pages inside your files in thumb view
  • OCR: Import editable text passages from your photo library or from live scanned documents
  • Use a Laser Pointer to highlight areas on your screen while presenting your documents

Take your handwritten notes

  • Have great writing experience with Apple Pencil and capture your notes in easy to share PDF files
  • Save annotations as templates in your personal library and reuse them easily at any position in a document
  • Scribble: Convert your handwritten notes to text while adding text annotations
  • Add perfect geometric shapes as you draw with automatic shape recognition
  • Delete your notes by simply crossing them out with your pencil
  • Define how many individually customizable pens are displayed in the menu bar while editing your notes

Organize your notes and PDF files in a flexible hierarchy

  • Flexibly create and modify your personal directory view
  • Create blank PDF files, scan your documents to PDF and import PDFs from other sources into your individual folder structure
  • Your most important files and #tags are always just one click away via the direct access in the sidebar
  • Display multiple folders simultanously on your screen in an expandable tree view
  • Optionally disable the view as expandable tree and always display only the current folder on your screen
  • Easily move your files with Drag & Drop and multi-selection
  • Search for file names and text based file content
  • Save time with standard patterns for new file names, standard page sizes and page backgrounds

Organize your files and notes with individual #tags and bookmarks

  • Create and manage your personal #tags and apply individual colors
  • Easily assign your #tags to your files
  • Filter your data in a directory view or in a certain tree of #tags
  • Create bookmarks in your files, name them individually and access them inside and outside of your documents
  • Favorites, #tag filters, bookmarks and recently opened files are always directly available via the sidebar

Sync and share your files

  • Save your files to iCloud Drive and make them available on all your devices
  • Distribute your notes to any operating system thanks to PDF format
  • Share your notes by AirDrop, E-Mail or iOS Folder App

Use iOS multitasking and manage multiple windows in parallel

  • Use iOS multitasking features with Split View, Slide Over and Stage Manager and manage multiple windows simultaneously
  • Open Noteplicity and pair it simultaneously with other apps on the same screen
  • Work in parallel in multiple Noteplicity windows and edit multiple documents simultaneously
  • Drag & drop files and folders between multiple Noteplicity windows
  • Copy pages between two windows by Drag & Drop in Thumb View